My name is Peter Farrell and I love customizing ("hacking") math (and science) learning through technology. It could be low tech like cubes or graph paper or high tech like Logo and Python programming, but the goal is the same: to learn through creating.

I was a math teacher for years, and I always wanted to present the real-life applications of the math topics I was teaching. All of the applications these days seem to be computer-related, and it would be irresponsible to ignore computers in math class.

My Presentation to the Python Interest Group

OK, it wasn't PyCon, but the Bay Area Python Interest Group asked me to come to LinkedIn and present my ideas on Learning Math and Science using Python in July, 2016.

My YouTube Channel

I've posted a bunch of tutorial videos on topics like Python, HTML, Logo, Algebra and Calculus at hackingmathclass.

My Blog

I get ideas for Math and Python-related projects and write about them on my blog.