Math Through Technology

I'll be holding a 6-week course to introduce Python Programming and its application to learning high-school math in the 21st Century. It's accessible to those with no programming experience whatsoever, and all ages are welcome.

Math: The Fun Stuff Using Computers

Programming isn't easy, but we'll do some fun things, like 3D graphics and fractals:

We'll also learn the Major Tools of Computer Programming that make up most of a programmer's job.

The Major Tools of Programming

In every programming language, you'll be working with 5 or 6 major tools every program. 

To get the computer to repeat a block of code, you use a loop. 

Conditionals are "IF" statements that will execute a block of code if a condition is true. Otherwise the code will not be executed. 

Variables are words or letters that represent numbers or other values. 

Functions help to organize code and let you execute the same code, even inside another function! 

Lists are helpful when you need to organize your output or loop over a bunch of values. 

Every language allows the programmer to make comments to explain her code.


Course starts Wednesday, March 18 and meets every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks.


We'll meet at The Coder School in Burlingame.


Cost is $250. Materials are provided. Bring your own laptop or I can provide one. Each participant gets a Math Through Technology T-shirt!

Send me your information by clicking here.