Hacking Math Class

December 19, 2013: I was invited to the LinkedIn headquarters in Mountain View, CA to share my ideas on learning math and science using Python programming. I'm used to speaking to groups of students, but these folks (the Bay Area Python Interest Group) were actually willing to be there!

My name is Peter Farrell and I love customizing ("hacking") math (and science) learning through technology. It could be low tech like cubes or graph paper or high tech like Logo and Python programming, but the goal is the same: to learn through creating.

If algebraic equations seem confusing to you, it can help to "go geometric" and look deeper with graphing software. Most students don't get this kind of interactivity with their lessons, so this puts you ahead of the game! For example, here's the most basic parabola y=x2 and a tangent line.

Graphing functions is easy and fun with a little practice. In no time you'll start to notice patterns in functions and you'll be thinking mathematically!

I have an office in San Mateo, and I tutor on the San Francisco peninsula. One-on-one interaction with students is what I love best.

Peter Farrell

 Peter Farrell
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